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Recordings for Cool Jazz and Hard Bop

Here is the additional listening for the last week of Mod 1. As we continue to explore what our text dubs “Modern Jazz,” the recordings will be getting longer as musicians explore the new freedom of long playing (LP) records. Many of these tracks exceed five minutes each and some get considerably longer: Art Blakey’s “Moanin'” is over 9 minutes long and Sonny Rollins’ “Blue Seven” is just over 11 minutes. Something to consider as we listen more closely to cool jazz and hard bop: what effect do these longer recordings have on the overall aesthetic of jazz? Further, how does increased recording length change the act of listening to jazz?


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Listening for Swing (II)

Here is the additional listening for this week. I have included two recordings of Duke Ellington’s “It Don’t Mean a Thing” from 1944 that were recorded in December: one from a Carnegie Hall concert in December 19th, and the other a collaboration with Jay Blackton’s orchestra for an NBC radio broadcast from two days prior. I would like everyone to pay attention to the differences between the two recordings and be prepared to discuss Ellington more at length at the beginning of class.

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