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Ragtime Dances

We’ll talk more about jazz dancing during week three as part of the Roaring ’20s, especially the Charleston and Fox Trot. The dances below were precursors.


Castle Walk (as in dance instructors Vernon and Irene Castle)


Grizzly Bear

This dance was also portrayed in Downton Abbey (season 1, episode 2)


Bunny Hug (as recreated on the Lawrence Welk Show)




Of Afro-Brazilian origin but popular in Paris and the United States.




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Music for Week 2

Here’s a link of all the music that isn’t on the Norton CDs as well as a proper recording of Ella Fitzgerald singing “I Got Rhythm.” As a reminder, the sheet music for both “St. Louis Blues” and “Maple Leaf Rag” is available in the “Goldschmitt” mailbox in the ACE Humanities Office.

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