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Readings and Lead Sheets for Swing (II)

Swing bands and orchestras were performing and rearranging their tunes at a rapid pace during this period, thus, it is very difficult to find good transcriptions of the recordings we are covering. Here is the lead sheet for “Daphne” and here is the lead sheet for “Bei Mir Bist Du Shoen.”

Next week, we will be discussing the role of women in swing during World War II. Sherry Tucker’s Swing Shift is the best discussion of the role of “all girl” swing bands during the war. Here is a chapter about the role of the “male mass audience.” I look forward to your reactions to her research and how it contrasts with the more typical picture of female jazz musicians as pianists and singers.


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Elijah Wald and the Blues

Elijah Wald is a music writer and guitarist who has approached topics as diverse as the history of rock ‘n’ roll,* the dozens, narcocorridos, and delta blues legend Robert Johnson. He has also taught at my alma mater, UCLA.**

In this chapter from The Blues: A Very Short Introduction, Wald introduces the relationship between jazz and blues, starting with the statement, “Blues and jazz have been intertwined since before either style had a name.” He then proceeds to tell a history of how the two styles developed in relationship to each other. It’s a fun, quick read.


*This is available as an eBook through the USF library website.

**His feedback influenced an early direction I took with my bossa nova research.

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