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Be-Bop: Additional Materials

Here‘s the reading that I have assigned in addition to our textbooks for our week of Be-Bop. It is a chapter from Bernard Gendron’s Between Montmarte and the Mudd Club: Popular Music and the Avant-Garde. Gendron is an unconventional music scholar who comes to jazz and popular music from the perspective of philosophy. He is a very friendly guy and is the only scholar I’ve met who can present a 40-minute scholarly talk without the aide of notes.

Everyone is required to read the first chapter, but the second chapter is also very informative and might be useful to those of you interested in the cultural resonance of Be-Bop within the larger milieu of post-war jazz. Please make time to look at both, if possible.

Since the transcriptions of Parker’s solos in “Ko-Ko” and “Shawnuff” weren’t legible, here are better versions (from the e-flat edition of the Charlie Parker Omnibook). And, finally, here are the tracks we’ll be discussing that aren’t on the Norton CDs.


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